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SUPER SWEETENER is 99.5% pure* sucralose powder in a standard plastic spice jar with a dual (3-hole/spoon dispense) door top and a micro spoon for easy use. 

Sucralose is the zero calorie  active ingredient in SPLENDA® that's 600 times as sweet as sugar. It's essentially like SPLENDA®, but without the maltodextrin as filler.

Use a smidgen in your tea, coffee, cocoa, or bubbly water.  Or, add a tiny pinch or mini spoonful to your baking recipes and:

  • save money,
  • lose weight,
  • prevent tooth decay, &
  • maintain healthy glucose levels.

3 oz of pure sucralose = 108.5 lbs of sugar!!

Reasons to buy this instead of SPLENDA®:

  • The label on SPLENDA® rounds down. Each large (5-lb sugar-equivalent) bag of SPLENDA® is actually 1,098 calories you might not want to put on your waist!

  • It's 75% cheaper than SPLENDA®!

  • It's even almost 30% cheaper than granulated sugar!
    Sucralose Price Comparison Plot
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      *0.4% water, <0.001% heavy metals. Rated SQF 2000 Level 3 for food safety. (This is the highest possible level. The Safe Quality Food [SQF] Program is part of the Global Food Safety Initiative [GFSI] benchmarked food safety standard for food manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. The GFSI's highest rating is Level 2. Level 3 was given because even the GFSI requirements were exceeded.)


NET WT 3 OZ/82 G

Sugar Equivalents

1 tsp sugar = a smidgen (0.007 g) of sucralose

0.4 cups of sugar = 1 mini (0.25 mL) spoonful of sucralose


One jar with 0.5 oz = $15

One jar with 1 oz = $25

One jar with 2 oz = $40

One jar with 3 oz = $55

Two jars with 3 oz each= $100

One jar with 3 oz + 13 oz for refills = $250

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